Public Relations

Public Relations fuels our clients’ success through the experience of The Talent Connection USA. Our collaborative approach maximizes service flexibility and allows clients to benefit from our knowledge & experience. The  Talent Connection USA employs Public Relations to build rapport with consumers, customers, investors, or the general public. Almost any individual or organization that has a stake in how it is portrayed in the public arena should employ some level of public relations.

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  • Branding

What's the Buzz all about? The Talent Connection USA helps your company develop a "visual look" or image that sets the tone. It’s more than buzz word, it means being known for what you want to be known for, and it is as old as commerce itself.

Brand identity depends on repeated reinforcement of the relationship between the company name with the services or products it sells. This message must be carried out through all communications marketing efforts.

  • Business-to-Business Marketing

Successful B2B communication lies in the analysis of your target audience so that correct goals can be set. Once these goals are set determined, our team can devise strategies to achieve those goals and tactics to implement the strategies.

Depending on your target audience, strategies may include email, the internet, direct mail, advertising, news sources, events, printed materials, trade show displays, promotional items and other specialized media.

  • Reputation Management

We can help you ensure and maintain a strong presence in the community, among opinion leaders, your customers and the media. We will design a dynamic program that enhances your standing and makes sure that your firm's good name is well entrenched. This program can be your best defense against any possible misunderstanding.

Protect your reputation with our Reputation Management Program. We develop a thoughtful community and public relations strategy that builds on strengths and gets recognition for good deeds and creates new ways for you to be involved in the community.

  • Community Relations

We take pride in helping you to develop and implement plans to have your community involvement more effective. We identify goals and community outreach plans to maximize the impact of your company’s current community involvement, and how to strengthen your presence.

  • Leadership Counseling

We provide leadership counsel and implementation support on all critical communications issues. Our experienced communications professionals counsel your company’s CEOs and senior management on communications strategies that help achieve and support your company’s overall strategic objectives.

  • Corporate Communications

Stand out above the rest. Corporate communications is key to delivering results and winning support. Our team will define your corporate positioning and position the correct communications channels to reach your company’s objectives.

  • Media Relations

The Talent Connection USA is known to be a Strong Leader in the Media. Many of our writers are former journalists and know how the news cycle works. We have working relationships with reporters and editors across the country and the world. We know the interests of reporters and their editors and we built a solid reputation within the media circles for providing credible and newsworthy content.

  • Public Affairs

Companies often find it necessary to protect their interests in the forum of local, state or federal government. We provide efforts in this field which include building coalitions, providing information to key officials through the Web site, on-line forum, direct mail, speakers bureau, informational visit and media briefing.

  • Crisis and Issues Management

When outside forces disrupt your business and time is critical, we can instantly assess a situation to determine what needs to be done and assemble a help team that goes into action.

Our strong arm is being able to react immediately without second thought. We can help you decipher fact from rumor and gain control of source of information and assist to establish lines of communication.

  • Internet PR

With the growth and demand of the Internet, The Talent Connection USA has used this very powerful medium to communicate and build relationships with clients, consumers, shareholders, analysts and broadcast and print media.

Press releases, media notices, photos and videos are instantly submitted for a faster acceptance rate.

  • Social Media

Our Social Media Department will give your business direct access to the audiences you wish to reach. We set up everything from social networking sites, video and photo sharing sites, blogs, message boards and podcasts.

  • Product Placement

With our extensive background of the Entertainment Field, we help place your product in movies or Reality Shows. We work with many producers across the country that enables placement of your product.

  • Reality Shows

Let us create a Reality Show about you or your company. We do complete research to evaluate if your story will be the next new show. We write the scripts, produce and edit and submit to the major networks for acceptance. You and your company work along with us every step of the way.

  • Author and Book Promoting

The Talent Connection USA will assist you with your book distribution. We use Ingram Book Services and promote your book throughout national bookstores. We set up a "Meet and Greet" along with Book Signings. We never take no for answer. New or seasoned author, we welcome all!

  • Graphic Design

The Talent Connection USA has the best, full-service graphics department. Our team produces a variety of marketing materials including corporate identity packages, brochures, annual reports, ads, press kits, posters and other promotional items for branding campaigns.

  • Web Design

The Talent Connection USA and Backus Marketing will provide your company with the best professional website that will reflect the identity and values that your company serves.

In addition, your website will be customized to provide general information to potential customers, employees or partners, positioning the company within its industry, gathering information from site visitors, linking to other appropriate sites, and providing the opportunity to complete business transactions on line.

  • Event Management

No event to large or small! The Talent Connection USA can handle every detail so you don't have to. We ensure the event will be creatively designed and handle to match your overall requests.