About The Talent Connection USA

aboutThe Talent Connection USA is an independent full-service public relations and talent management company. We create and execute "Dynamic Public Relations" that supports clients’ objectives and communicates their messages effectively. Now in our 15th year, we deliver results for successful professionals, corporations and non-profit organizations.

What sets The Talent Connection USA apart from other agencies is our nationwide staff of creative thinkers who stop at nothing to get the job done. Our work will compliment and enhance your reputation and build your business to impact your bottom line. It will reach your audiences locally, nationally and internationally to get you noticed.  We tell the story of you and your business. We develop and implement effective public relations strategies and tactics. We excel at media relations and build relationships on your behalf with traditional media as well as social media.

The Talent Connection USA, Inc. is a professional talent management company engaged in advising and counseling creative talent, writers and personalities in every aspect of the entertainment industry. We work closely with our talent in every facet of their career. We work in connection with agents, publicists, business managers and attorneys. As an important member of a successful team, we function as a catalyst and a coordinator of the efforts and objectives of our talent's entire team. We bring it all together and make dreams and goals a reality.

Its been said many times, "It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know." From our past experience, we find that both are true. When you become a part of our family, we use the power of our contacts and relationships that we have spent years developing to benefit you. The Talent Connection USA, Inc. has countless connections with the studios and professionals with a proven track record of success

 The Talent Connection USA, Inc. is based in Miami Florida. and has an unmatched twenty two year history of successful public relations campaigns and talent management. Our clients have been from performers to authors, interior designers, artists, medical professionals to magazine publishers and from athletes to musicians.

TTC creates compelling media campaigns for each of our clients. Each campaign reflects our individual focus on the client's distinctive needs, desires, personality, and imagination. We listen, study and analyze. Once in place, we think creatively and launch a distinct, compelling and effective publicity campaign through our variety of media outlets including radio, television, print and the Internet. TTC represents the finest talent locally and worldwide by providing them quality Talent Management in all aspects of their career.